Contact lenses

Are you a glasses wearer that has ever wondered about giving contacts a try? Look no further…

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My journey with contact lenses actually started about 10 years ago, when I dabbled in wearing them but eventually I went back to glasses. This year Vision Direct contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their contacts and I decided it was time to give it another go.

If I’ve ever used contacts in the interim for nights out and holidays, I’ve always ordered from Vision Direct so when they asked if I wanted to work with them it was a no-brainer!

I visited my local opticians with my prescription and we discussed what I was looking for, checked my eyes were healthy and they ordered in my prescription. I went for dailies as I thought I would still wear my glasses quite a bit for work.

I went back the following week so we could try the contacts, the optician fits the contacts in your eyes (but don’t be scared they do it all the time, just relax) but if you’re worried about it you can have a go yourself.

She talked about the different techniques for putting them in and out and making sure you wash your hands before you put them in. Then she checked to see if my eyes were happy with the contacts and they made sure I was confident putting them in and taking them out, which I had to do three times. They want to make sure you can do it when you go home!

They sent me home with some trial contacts, to wear over two weeks before the next appointment, you can gradually build up your wearing time for example you might wear them for an hour on day one, two hours on day two etc. I found the trial lenses really comfortable and could happily wear them for as long as I wanted.

At the final appointment I had to go in wearing my contacts so they could check my eyes were definitely happy. I had to read a series of different letters with one eye blurry and then the other, to make sure the prescription was accurate. Then I had to remove my contacts (so don’t forget to take your glasses with you!) so that she could put some orange dye in my eyes – it sounds much scarier than it is, I couldn’t even feel her putting anything in my eyes!

That was to check under a different light whether there was any scratches or signs of discomfort in my eyes. We then talked about the next steps and she was totally fine with me carrying on ordering my contacts online. I did have to pay to take away my prescription but considering I haven’t had to pay a thing for three appointments and trial lenses, I think it’s worth it! She was then able to sign me off for two years, since I’ll be wearing dailies and they are the most hygienic type of contact and generally the easiest to get on with.

I received my Vision Direct lenses which are the Dailies AquaComfort Plus, as there were good reviews about the comfort of them. They were really easy to order and arrived quickly, I also like that you can set up reminders via text so you don’t forget to order your next box!

I’m happy to report that they are really comfortable and I’ve been happily wearing them for a few days now. I’ve been able to wear them to work, on evenings out and recently to a wedding – to me wearing contacts always seems to make feel more of an occasion. I love the flexibility of contacts, being able to wear my non-prescription sunglasses and do my makeup without having to be really close to the mirror! I also look forward to wearing them when I go running (when I eventually get back into it!).

I love that I will be able to wear contact lenses more often, now that I’ve found some which are the perfect fit for me!

If you want to try out Vision Direct for yourself, I have been kindly given me a discount code which is RUTH12 and gives you 12% off! Just follow the link here to have a look.

If you have any questions at all feel free to send me a message.

Ruth x

Dublin: City Guide

I’ve been meaning to write this guide ever since we got back from Dublin, but the last couple of months have been so crazy I haven’t been able to make time to do it. But here we are at last! Here is my guide to Dublin…

Our trip:

We flew from Bristol on a Friday and flew back the following Monday. It’s about a one hour flight and I think we paid £50 in all, however we were delayed by an hour both ways so I think next time we might pay a bit more and fly with someone else haha.

We stayed in this Airbnb and took a 20 minute bus into the centre everyday. Our biggest tip would be to get a Leap card at the airport which you could get for 3 days (you can get longer than this) I can’t remember how much it was exactly maybe around €20 but it saved us so much money! It works on any form of public transport – buses, trams and trains – we used it multiple times a day to get around the city.

Where to visit:

The two main ‘touristy’ places we visited were the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery. When in Ireland, right?! I enjoyed both but I have to say the Jameson Distillery was my favourite.

The Guinness Storehouse was brilliant, and there was so much going on but I felt it was a little pricey – around €24 for a self guided tour and one pint of Guinness, but the 360 view from the top around Dublin was amazing. I learnt how to pull a pint properly which was fun and there are loads of nice places to eat. Tip: book your tickets online before you go, they’re cheaper!

The Jameson Distillery was smaller, but you get a tour guide and whisky tasting included. We had a small group and a hilarious guide which I think edged it in front of Guinness for me. It was relaxed and informative without the hoards of crowds in the Storehouse. Plus the Jameson cocktail I had at the end was delicious!

Camden street:

We discovered a few little gems on Camden street which was halfway between our Airbnb and the centre. On the first night having arrived so late we stumbled into a restaurant called Kafka – it was one of the best meals we had. I had a peanut butter ice cream cheesecake thing which I have been dreaming about ever since.

Devitts, Jack came across this bar when looking for somewhere with live music, and they didn’t disappoint. They won bar of the year in 2018 and we could see why, the food was great, the service was great and the music was – you guessed it, great!

Where to go for a treat:

FX Buckley

This is definitely the place if you’re going for an occasion or a treat. The best steak I’ve ever had, and I love steak. I was recommended this restaurant because of their steak and oh wow! We went for an early bird deal which was around €25 for two courses. We both had rump and it was incredible, if we ever go back we will go all out and get a ribeye or something. They even brought out a free creme brûlée for Jack’s birthday at the end – we’re still trying to work out how they knew…


Bad Bobs in temple bar, is really fun – especially if you find the actual Temple Bar too busy.

Whelans – a must visit for any PS I love you fan! I just HAD to go there and imagine Gerard Butler singing to me.

St Stephens park, we visited here on our last day it was a lovely place for a wander and a history lesson.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Getting you organised for Mothers Day…

Mothers Day is just around the corner – well it’s two Sundays away… but because I have your best interests at heart, I’m getting you organised. And to do that I’ve teamed up with the fabulous Hiho Silver to bring you my top picks for Mothers Day.

I’ve chosen these pieces because I think there is something for everyone and would suit most styles. They’re special pieces that can be cherished, they’re good quality, long lasting and I just know you can’t go wrong with any of these.

  1. The Birthstone Necklace (March)

This is absolutely gorgeous, I love how the shiny disc and the stone look together. This particular one is March which is a beautiful light blue – of course you can choose whichever month suits or just go with your mum’s favourite colour! The little disc can be engraved to make it even more personal.

2. Cherry Roller Snaffle Bangle With Red Love Heart Roller Bead

So lovely and one she can wear everyday, I can certainly vouch for the hardiness of Hiho’s jewellery and I wear my bangle everyday no matter what. It’s a timeless piece that will go with anything. I love the little red heart detail.

3. Sterling Silver Multi-link & Pearl Bracelet and matching Earrings

I am in love with this set, of course you can buy the bracelet and the earrings individually but look how beautiful they are! I would say these are more for a special occasion than everyday wear but another classic that will compliment any outfit.

So there you have it – a few ideas for Mothers Day! No excuse to not be organised now 😉 If you can’t see anything you like why not get a gift voucher – these can be sent by email, great for those super last minute panics!

Ruth x

P.S Keep an eye on my Instagram for a very special competition! shh…




I along with every other member of the organisation was shocked at the videos from Blackpool this year – those in the video were not true young farmers. And I’m sure we all rejoiced in the fact they were permanently banned from the organisation.

But now I can’t help but wonder – what have we done wrong? The majority who didn’t do anything wrong at Blackpool nor any other AGM. Why are we being punished with our favourite event of the year being taken away from us just as YFC has been taken away from those few causing havoc.

I know that levy’s are increasing and memberships aren’t following at the same rate. Trust us we’re doing everything we can to encourage new members – but as I’m sure you’re aware cancelling the best event of the year isn’t going to help. In fact, it won’t be surprising when membership numbers take a dive.

Like when you used to get a whole class detention when one or two kids were messing around – you aren’t building support or trust. You’ve broken our hearts and pissed us off. You only have to see the Facebook comments and tweets to see what devastation its caused.

Just think about what you’re doing and how it’s effecting your members.


Top 5 Fashion Launches: May

My top picks of the latest launches…

With so many exciting products launching from all my favourite brands I couldn’t help but put together my top picks for May. The weather has been so changeable (hello scorching hot bank holiday – where did you come from?!) but all my picks are extremely versatile no matter what the great British weather throws at us.

  1. Fairfax and Favor – Imperial Explorer Boots, Sporting Fit!

Launched at Badminton earlier this month was the long awaited Imperial Explorer boots in, get this, Sporting Fit (hurrah our prayers have been answered!). Just when you thought the Imperial Explorer boots couldn’t get any better – they did! The boots come in two beautiful shades – oak and mahogany – tough choice! And they are designed to accommodate a wider calf  so all the muscley legged girls, myself included, may rejoice and bow down to the Fairfax and Favor gods (and get our purses out).

2. Evemy and Evemy- Pluma Shawl

Evemy and Evemy have just launched their new Pluma shawl and it’s stunning (of course!). The game bird feathers are hand drawn and printed onto the super soft shawl, making it the perfect accessory for any outfit. The shawls are completely versatile and can be used in various different ways including as a statement piece on your handbag or perhaps a headscarf.

3. HiHo Silver – Twisted Sterling Silver Bangle

The wonderful HiHo Silver have been at it again with more gorgeous designs and exquisite collections. Being the magpie that I am, I was immediately drawn to the Twisted Sterling Silver Bangle. I have this thing about bangles, they go with everything and you can have as many or as little as you’d like – perfect. I am currently sporting the HiHo Silver Springy Bangle which is coming up to it’s fifth(!) year and I wear it! Back to the Twisted Bangle, which is perfect for stacking or wearing on it’s own – take a look and don’t fall in love, I dare you!

They have also released some new additions for their Cherry Rollers (these also caught my magpie eyes – so sparkly!) including a collaboration with Fairfax and Favor.

4. Ariat – Fuse

Just about after I stopped swooning over their cowgirl collection (one day) I saw that Ariat had released trainers. Now I’m definitely not the sort of girl to get excited over trainers (too many memories of PE at school *shudder*) but if Ariat have made a trainer or the Fuse athletic shoe (fancy trainer) to give their proper name it must be good, right? I’ve heard good reports so far and they claim to ‘soothe and re-energise tired feet’, after a weekend in Blackpool sign me up!

Ariat Fuse Collection cc- Ariat
Ariat Fuse Collection cc- Ariat

5. Mackenzie and George – Red Pheasant Spear

Now this is seriously a work of art, the Red Pheasant Spear feather brooch made by Wendy Goode for Mackenzie and George is a spectacular addition to any hat or coat. The red running through the feather is perfect for spring/summer and matched with the wine felt hat is a combination to die for. This brand is getting bigger and better all the time, I just love how they’re making everyday items such as hats, even key rings so beautiful.

*Disclaimer* Apologies if my blog post has caused damage to your bank account, however it is most definitely worth it!

Ruth x

Salted Caramel Brownie Recipe

A quick yummy treat!

I make these brownies almost weekly and they might be the reason why I need a new pair of jeans. But they are just SO good I can’t resist and besides that they are so easy to make, I can whip them up in about 10 mins, then it’s just the torturous wait while they’re in the oven. The original recipe came from here, which is a handy video to show you exactly how it’s done.


  • 150g Chocolate
  • 250g Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar
  • 150g Unsalted Butter
  • 100g Plain Flour
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • Salted Caramel Sauce

The recipe is for a 20 x 20 baking tin, but mine wasn’t exactly that and it was fine.

Step 1:

photo-09-11-2016-11-40-08Preheat your oven to 180°C/Fan160°C/Gas 4. Then line your baking tin with grease proof paper and set aside. Melt the chocolate and the butter together in a bain-marie until fully melted. Then take the bowl off the heat and mix in the sugar.



Step 2:

Add each egg one at a time and mix in between. Then the vanilla extract and the flour, giving the mixture a good stir.


Step 3:

Pour the mixture into your baking tin and add whatever topping you like. I went with salted caramel sauce, but I have used gin & tonic salted caramel sauce which was delicious (so delicious I finished the jar…oops). It’s up to you how much you put on, I put a good few teaspoons on the top and then swirled it around with a fork.


Step 4:

Pop your tin in the oven for around 25-30 minutes, depending on how efficient your oven is, and whether you like your brownies still squidgey (take them out at 25 mins) or more solid (30 mins). I like them more solid, so I wait until a knife comes out clean when I poke it.

Allow them to cool for 20 minutes (or as long as you can resist) and enjoy!


Let me know if you give these a go!

Ruth x


Country Christmas Gift Guide: Hiho Silver

It’s exactly 1 month till Christmas!! So probably time to start thinking about Christmas shopping… here’s the first installment of my Christmas gift guide!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas! AKA my favourite time of the year. As it is the season of giving I thought I would let all my lovely readers know some of the amazing country businesses that deserve a shout out. Starting with the ever fabulous Hiho Silver!

We all know the best presents come in little purple boxes…

I’m lucky to have a few Hiho pieces, my favourites being the bracelets (see below). There is honestly a gift for everyone, Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Niece, Best friend. A little purple box under the Christmas tree is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The quality of the jewellery is unbelievable. A little story about this is that about 3 years ago my boyfriend bought me the silver bangle for Christmas, and I have worn it (not even exaggerating) since then. It goes everywhere with me, the farm, work, going out, holiday and it still looks as good as new. There is no doubt in my mind that the bangle will go on for several years to come.

Untitled design (3)

A new edition to my collection is the gorgeous silver snaffle leather bracelet, this too is sturdy and well suited for a day on the farm as well as a night out.

Untitled design (1)

Head over to the Hiho website now to browse their collections, notably the popular Cherry Roller collection.

AS IF you needed any more reason to choose a Hiho Silver piece for a Christmas present (to you or someone else) they have beautiful gift wrapping too! I know that’s a huge plus point for those lazy present wrappers out there *puts own hand up*.

Have you got any Hiho Silver pieces? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Hiho ho ho!

Ruth x

Feeling 22

Hi everyone! It's been a while… but the last month has been pretty crazy! But I thought today I would do something a little different and list 21 great things that have happened in my 21st year.

  1. I started off my year as a blogging intern
  2. First trip to Boardmasters
  3. Started at Cornwall YFC
  4. First Christmas in the new house
  5. Got published in my first magazine!
  6. Won a blogging competition with NFU
  7. Got published in the Farmers Weekly!
  8. Started a monthly feature with the magazine that first published me
  9. Mum and I took a road trip
  10. I graduated with a 2:1!
  11. I was a part of the Cornwall YFC Entertainments team reaching the Entertainments final in Torquay and coming 2nd!
  12. My first AGM 🎉
  13. Jack and I took a trip to Bath
  14. My dad bought a gorgeous dog called Molly who we aren't sure how we ever lived without
  15. Lambing was successful
  16. I worked with my first brand
  17. I wrote a piece for Student Farmer
  18. I was interviewed for a Women in Farming blog
  19. Organised the Cornwall YFC 80th yearbook
  20. Got a job that I really wanted
  21. Had the best 22nd birthday anyone could ever wish for!

There is of course so much more than this but these are just a few that sprung to mind when I was writing the list ☺️

Here's a few birthday photos to end with…

Ruth x

4 Reasons to Visit Royal Cornwall Show

Royal Cornwall Show is about the same level of excitement for me as Christmas and here’s why…

Royal Cornwall Show is just around the corner and here are five great reasons you should visit…

  1. Entertainment

If I even began to tell you how much goes on at Royal Cornwall Show I would be here all day, let alone the three days the show is on! With exciting performances and activities in the main ring all day to demonstrations at the lake, it’s a great place to sit back and relax with an ice cream or marvel at the death defying stunts of the motorcycle display team. There’s also plenty of places to enjoy live music and dance performances too!

Inter Hunt Relay

2. Animals

Animals big and small are at the show, from the biggest Shire horse to the smallest insect at the Newquay Zoo stand. From talking sheep in the Countryside Area (trust me, it’s hilarious) to the happy little rabbits and guinea pigs in the pets section.

Snoozing Pigs…

3. Shopping

My personal favourite, the shopping! There’s plenty of shopping to be done, from food to fashion, every taste (excuse the pun) is covered and you can shop safely in the knowledge that if it’s at the show it’s got to be good quality (and a lot of the time, Cornish!)

IMG_3127 (1)
The Food & Farming Tent

4. Family

There’s something for the whole family at the show and tonnes of activities for the little ones to get stuck into. The fairground is always a hit, especially for when you’ve eaten too much cotton candy and still get on the carousel (guilty). Plenty of animals to pet, machinery to see and ice creams to eat.

From the Ferris Wheel

Are you going to the show this year? What’s your favourite part? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Ruth x

Young Farmers’: How To Get Involved

Always wondered how to get involved with Young Farmers’? Well look no further…

So if our #FabulousYoungFarmers’ series caught your eye here’s how to get involved:

  1. Find Your Local Club

With over 600 clubs nationwide, there should be one close to you! Here is a map to                  demonstrate that: 

And these are just the county offices! There is also the Scottish Association of Young Farmers’  and the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster.lisk

2. Contact The Chairman

Facebook is a great place to see what the club has been up to. Once you have found your local club, ring the chairman, or message them on Facebook, and chat to them about their meetings. That’ll give you a good idea if it is the sort of thing it will involve. Find out when the next meeting is, and go!

3. You don’t have to be a farmer, to be a Young Farmer

An interest in the countryside may be beneficial for some of the meetings, but many see Young Farmers’ as a place to socialise with like-minded people. It’s always good if you’ve got someone you know to go along with but if not, everyone is so welcoming, trust me. You really become a family.

Being a Young Farmer, and involved in the many activities that it entails, really does boost your confidence, through competitions such as drama and public speaking.


Young Farmers’ can open up so many opportunities for learning new skills, travelling the word and making friends for life. Plus, it looks great on the CV, especially if you end up in one of the club roles!

If travelling is your thing get involved with YFC Travel , Working Scholarships, Homestays  or YFC Ski .

Are you a Young Farmer? Or thinking about becoming one? Leave me a comment and let me know!

P.S If anyone is interested in what it’s like being a Young Farmer or wants anymore advice on getting involved feel free to shoot me a message (Twitter, Instagram, or email

Ruth x