I along with every other member of the organisation was shocked at the videos from Blackpool this year – those in the video were not true young farmers. And I’m sure we all rejoiced in the fact they were permanently banned from the organisation.

But now I can’t help but wonder – what have we done wrong? The majority who didn’t do anything wrong at Blackpool nor any other AGM. Why are we being punished with our favourite event of the year being taken away from us just as YFC has been taken away from those few causing havoc.

I know that levy’s are increasing and memberships aren’t following at the same rate. Trust us we’re doing everything we can to encourage new members – but as I’m sure you’re aware cancelling the best event of the year isn’t going to help. In fact, it won’t be surprising when membership numbers take a dive.

Like when you used to get a whole class detention when one or two kids were messing around – you aren’t building support or trust. You’ve broken our hearts and pissed us off. You only have to see the Facebook comments and tweets to see what devastation its caused.

Just think about what you’re doing and how it’s effecting your members.


2 thoughts on “Dear NFYFC

  1. Well said Ruth, it’s a shame that there will be no more AGM but I think that the secondary effects it will have on clubs and the federation as a whole definitely will be even more detrimental! Not looking forward to seeing the impact this is going to have on the young farmers clubs we know and love 😩


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