Contact lenses

Are you a glasses wearer that has ever wondered about giving contacts a try? Look no further…

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My journey with contact lenses actually started about 10 years ago, when I dabbled in wearing them but eventually I went back to glasses. This year Vision Direct contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their contacts and I decided it was time to give it another go.

If I’ve ever used contacts in the interim for nights out and holidays, I’ve always ordered from Vision Direct so when they asked if I wanted to work with them it was a no-brainer!

I visited my local opticians with my prescription and we discussed what I was looking for, checked my eyes were healthy and they ordered in my prescription. I went for dailies as I thought I would still wear my glasses quite a bit for work.

I went back the following week so we could try the contacts, the optician fits the contacts in your eyes (but don’t be scared they do it all the time, just relax) but if you’re worried about it you can have a go yourself.

She talked about the different techniques for putting them in and out and making sure you wash your hands before you put them in. Then she checked to see if my eyes were happy with the contacts and they made sure I was confident putting them in and taking them out, which I had to do three times. They want to make sure you can do it when you go home!

They sent me home with some trial contacts, to wear over two weeks before the next appointment, you can gradually build up your wearing time for example you might wear them for an hour on day one, two hours on day two etc. I found the trial lenses really comfortable and could happily wear them for as long as I wanted.

At the final appointment I had to go in wearing my contacts so they could check my eyes were definitely happy. I had to read a series of different letters with one eye blurry and then the other, to make sure the prescription was accurate. Then I had to remove my contacts (so don’t forget to take your glasses with you!) so that she could put some orange dye in my eyes – it sounds much scarier than it is, I couldn’t even feel her putting anything in my eyes!

That was to check under a different light whether there was any scratches or signs of discomfort in my eyes. We then talked about the next steps and she was totally fine with me carrying on ordering my contacts online. I did have to pay to take away my prescription but considering I haven’t had to pay a thing for three appointments and trial lenses, I think it’s worth it! She was then able to sign me off for two years, since I’ll be wearing dailies and they are the most hygienic type of contact and generally the easiest to get on with.

I received my Vision Direct lenses which are the Dailies AquaComfort Plus, as there were good reviews about the comfort of them. They were really easy to order and arrived quickly, I also like that you can set up reminders via text so you don’t forget to order your next box!

I’m happy to report that they are really comfortable and I’ve been happily wearing them for a few days now. I’ve been able to wear them to work, on evenings out and recently to a wedding – to me wearing contacts always seems to make feel more of an occasion. I love the flexibility of contacts, being able to wear my non-prescription sunglasses and do my makeup without having to be really close to the mirror! I also look forward to wearing them when I go running (when I eventually get back into it!).

I love that I will be able to wear contact lenses more often, now that I’ve found some which are the perfect fit for me!

If you want to try out Vision Direct for yourself, I have been kindly given me a discount code which is RUTH12 and gives you 12% off! Just follow the link here to have a look.

If you have any questions at all feel free to send me a message.

Ruth x